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Lisbon and Around

Explore the region of Lisbon and Around

These are the districts in the Lisbon and Around region, go in a journey of discover and knowledge and learn more about the cities and locals on them!

The Lisbon District

Lisbon is a district of unparalleled magic and poetry. Leaning over its hills, it looks majestically over the Tagus River, hiding within itself treasures and secrets most of the times only unveiled by persistent souls. With incomparable climate and hospitality, Lisbon district has many ways of winning peoples hearts and souls with its unique astonishing gastronomy, architectural beauty, indescribable sightseeing, seductive light, astonishing nature and intrinsic soul and tradition.


The Santarém District

The district of Santarém covers the municipalities of Abrantes, Alcanena, Almeirim, Alpiarça, Benavente, Cartaxo, Chamusca, Constância, Coruche, Entroncamento, Ferreira do Zêzere, Golegã, Mação, Ourém, Rio Maior, Salvaterra de Magos, Santarém, Sardoal, Tomar , Torres Novas, Vila Nova da Barquinha, in a total of 21 municipalities.

Santarém is the 3rd largest district in Portugal and has a considerable variety in terms of tourism. Castles, Museums, Churches and Chapels, Convents and Mills, Viewpoints, Squares and characteristic streets... Nature also expresses itself unequivocally in the region with its Natural Parks, Rivers, River Beaches, Waterfalls, Trails, Forests, Mountains...


The Setúbal District

The district of Setúbal has 13 municipalities: Alcácer do Sal, Alcochete, Almada, Barreiro, Setúbal, Sesimbra, Seixal, Palmela, Moita, Montijo, Grândola, Santiago do Cacém and Sines.

Visiting the district means getting to know its history, its heritage, its identity, its traditions and its natural and human "works": Beaches and mountains in perfect, unforgettable, stunning harmony, where blue and green merge, celebrating Nature in all its magnificence. Clear and crystalline waters, sand like cotton, the fauna of the region, the most diverse shades of green and beauty of the flora... Human art must also be mentioned: imposing and beautiful churches, Monuments full of history, unique viewpoints, bridges, windmills and much more


What to do in Lisbon and Around!

There are a lot of vibrant cities in the Lisbon and Around, join the locals and get the best time of your stay on so many diferent activities and possibilities!