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Guarda District

There are 14 municipalities in the Guarda district: Aguiar da Beira, Almeida, Celorico da Beira, Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo, Fornos de Algodres, Gouveia, Guarda, Manteigas, Mêda, Pinhel, Sabugal, Seia, Trancoso and Vila Nova de Foz Côa

The richness of the district is well reflected by the diversity of landscapes and scenarios, from pleasant rivers and valleys, to ancient villages whose authenticity and essence envelop those who visit them. Monuments full of history and traditions that resist the passing of time. Mountains with amazing views, waterfalls and idyllic lagoons as well as ancient trails highlight the simplest and most amazing things in nature.
There are many points of interest in the district, with just a few mentioned below.

Nobody can take away a title from it, that of having the highest city in Portugal: Guarda.

Aguiar da Beira: Carapito dolmen, sarcophagi and anthropomorphic graves from the region, castros of Gralheira, das Abelhas, among others. Aguiar medieval castle and wall, Main Church of São Pedro, Parish Churches of Santo Eusébio and Misericórdia, House of Magistrates, Fonte Ameada, Clock Tower, Manueline Pillory, Termas da Cavaca, Chapel of Nossa Senhora do Leite

Almeida: Star-shaped and located on a plateau, with its hexagonal stronghold and six bastions, of great historical importance, there is a lot to visit: Fortress, Castle of Castelo de Mendo, Castle of Castelo Bom, Clock Tower, Church Nossa Senhora do Castelo, Old cemetery, Casa da Roda dos Expostos, Casemates, Main Church, houses, and numerous religious and civil buildings spread across its narrow streets

Celorico da Beira: Castle, historic center, Church of Misericórdia, Main Church of Santa Maria, Necropolis of São Gens, Solar do Queijo

Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo:Ruins of the palace of Cristóvão de Moura, the 16th century pillory, the main church and the medieval cistern, 

Fornos de Algodres: Church of Santa Maria Maior, Necrópolis das Forcadas, Tapada do Anjo, Fraga da Pena, Castro de Santiago, Anta de Cortiçô and Matança, Church of Misericórdia de Algodres, Pelourinho, Termas de São Miguel, Nossa Senhora dos Milagres in Muxagata

Gouveia: Dolmen of Pedra da Orca, Main Church, Casa da Torre, Church of São Pedro, Igreja da Misericórdia, Pelourinho, Fonte de São Lázaro, Zoological Park, Solar Serpa Pimentel, Monte Calvário, Miradouro do Paixotão, Convento de São Francisco, Municipal Museum Abel Manta, Fonte do Tino

Guarda: city of the five F’s (Strong, Farta, Cold, Faithful and Beautiful). Here you can visit Braga Cathedral, Keep Tower, historic center, Guarda Museum, Jewish Quarter, Jardim José Lemos, the old medieval Rossio, Convent of São Francisco, Torre dos Ferreiros and the Keep of the old castle, Church of São Vicente.

Manteigas:Church of Santa Maria, Church of Saint Peter, Church of Misericórdia, Chapel of Senhor do Calvário, Chapel of Saint Gabriel, Chapel of Santa Luzia, among others. Solar da Casa das Obras, Poço do Inferno, Pedra do Urso, Vale do Rio Zêzere, Penhas da Saúde, Faias de São Lourenço

Mêda: Historical Village of Marialva, Castle and Village of Longroiva, Vale do Mouro, Termas de Longroiva, Clock Tower, Ranhados Dam, Solar dos Cancelos, Main Church of Mêda

Pinhel: Pinhel Castle, Church of Santa Maria do Castelo, Pelourinho, Clock Tower, Church of Misericórdia, Church and Convent of São Luís, Convent of Santo António, Episcopal Palace, Solar dos Távoras, Trincheira Park, Paleolithic rock engravings and natural landscapes of the Côa Valley Archaeological Park

Sabugal: Sabugal Castle, Sortelha Castle, Jardim das Poldras, Largo da Fonte Garden, Ponte de Açude Gardens, Municipal Museum, river beach, Vale das Éguas, Vilar Maior Castle, Bell Tower and Porta da Vila

Seia: At the top of the wonderful, beautiful and well-known Serra da Estrela, you will find the beautiful Igreja Matriz and Igreja da Misericórdia, the Chapels of Santo Cristo do Calvário, Senhora do Espinheiro, Nossa Senhora de LaSalete and São Pedro. The Casa das Obras, Pelourinho, and the region´s stately homes such as Solar dos Botelhos, Solar de Santa Rita, among others, are also worth visiting. With more than 150 km of cycling trails and approximately 120 km of approved walking trails, Nature lovers are going to be amazed by Serra da Estrela´s natural beauty. Loriga and Lapa dos Dinheiros beaches, as well as museums like Bread Museum are also places to include in the itinerary. Seia is a land of many high quality artisanal products such as wool, cheese and sausages

Trancoso: Municipal Park, Capela de S. Bartolomeu, Portas d´El Rei, Historic center, Jewish Quarter, Paços do Concelho, Pelourinho Manuelino, Church of Santa Maria de Guimarães, Church of Misericórdia, Church of S. Pedro, barracks house of General Beresford , Casa do Gato Preto, Ducal Palace, Rua dos Cavaleiros, Casa das Oliveiras, Medieval castle and walls, Anthropomorphic Necropolis, Chapel of Santa Luzia, Church of Nossa Senhora da Fresta, Fonte da Vide, Fonte Nova, Convento dos Frades

Vila Nova de Foz Côa: Main Church, Pillory, Chapel of Santa Quitéria, Chapel of Saint Peter and Saint Bárbara, Chapel of Saint António, Casa dos Andrades, Clock Tower, Historic center of Vila Nova de Foz Coa, Coa Museum, Côa Walkways, rock engravings Paleolithic outdoors in the Côa River valley, Neolithic, Roman and medieval ruins of the Prazo Archaeological Station, haunting landscape of almond trees, vineyards and olive groves


In gastronomic terms: Serra da Estrela Cheese, Requeijão de Seia, rye bread, Broa and Black Cake from Loriga, sausages and mountain goat, Dão wine, grain broth, Bacalhau à Lagareiro, Roasted goat and the unmissable Arroz Doce

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