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Santa Maria Island District

Azores, but it could also be called "just" NATURE. A treasure hidden in the Atlantic where striking landscapes of unquantifiable beauty contrast with the deep blue of the ocean. Azores is power, life, fauna and flora, fresh air, an untouched garden, where green valleys and mountains harmonize with natural pools of hot water and volcanic landscapes, and much more that remains unsaid

The Azores archipelago is made up of nine islands, divided into three groups:
Eastern Group - São Miguel Island, Santa Maria Island (Vila do Porto City)
Central Groups - Terceira Island, Faial Island, Pico Island, São Jorge Island, Graciosa Island
Western Group - Flores Island, Corvo Island

Santa Maria Island: São Lourenço Bay, Barreiro da Faneca, warm beaches with light sand, Vineyards, Nossa Senhora da Purificação Church, Pico Alto

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