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Suggested Activities:

  • Lisbon: Explore historic neighborhoods, such as Alfama, and visit iconic sites like Belém Tower and São Jorge Castle.

  • Porto: Wander through the charming Ribeira district and savor world-renowned Port wine along the Douro River.

  • Sintra: Discover fairytale palaces like Pena Palace and the Moorish Castle amidst lush, enchanted landscapes.

  • Algarve: Relax on stunning beaches, including Praia da Marinha, and explore picturesque coastal towns like Lagos and Albufeira.

  • Funchal, Madeira: Enjoy the botanical wonders of the Monte Palace Tropical Garden and experience the scenic cable car ride.

  • Évora: Step back in time at the Roman Temple and Chapel of Bones in this UNESCO-listed city.

  • Douro Valley: Experience Portugal´s wine country, with terraced vineyards and wine cellars offering tastings.

  • Aveiro: Cruise the picturesque canals in a moliceiro boat and savor the region´s delicious ovos moles.

  • Coimbra: Visit the historic University of Coimbra and the Joanina Library, a Baroque masterpiece.

  • Nazare: Witness the impressive waves at Praia do Norte and explore the charming fishing village.

  • Guimarães: Immerse yourself in Portugal´s birthplace with a visit to the medieval Guimarães Castle and the Palace of the Dukes of Braganza.

  • Peneda-Gerês National Park: Hike through lush landscapes, discover waterfalls, and experience the rich biodiversity of this national park.

  • Obidos: Stroll through the well-preserved medieval town and walk along the impressive castle walls.

  • Tomar: Explore the Convent of Christ, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the symbolic Charola.

  • Viana do Castelo: Admire the Basilica of Santa Luzia and relax on the scenic Cabedelo Beach.

  • Sesimbra: Enjoy the sun and sea on Praia do Ouro and explore the historic Sesimbra Castle.

  • Braga: Visit the iconic Bom Jesus do Monte Sanctuary and the lively Braga Cathedral.

  • Amarante: Cross the picturesque São Gonçalo Bridge and savor the local pastry, the São Gonçalo cake.

  • Batalha: Marvel at the grandeur of the Batalha Monastery, a masterpiece of Portuguese Gothic architecture.

  • Monsaraz: Wander through the medieval streets of this hilltop village and enjoy panoramic views of the Alqueva Reservoir.

  • Azeitão: Indulge in wine and cheese tastings in this charming region known for its production of Moscatel wine and Azeitão cheese.

  • Cabo da Roca: Stand at the westernmost point of continental Europe and take in the breathtaking coastal views.

  • Mafra: Visit the majestic Mafra National Palace, a baroque masterpiece with an impressive library and basilica.

  • Palmela: Explore the medieval Palmela Castle and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes and vineyards.

  • Estoril: Relax on the beaches of this elegant resort town and try your luck at the historic Casino Estoril.

  • Caldas da Rainha: Discover the artistic heritage of this town, particularly the ceramics at the Bordalo Pinheiro Museum.

  • Peniche: Explore the rugged coastline, visit the historic fortress, and enjoy some of the best seafood in Portugal.

  • Santa Maria Island, Azores: Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of this island, featuring lush landscapes and volcanic craters.

  • Viseu: Wander through the historic center, visit the Cathedral, and admire the intricate façade of the Grão Vasco Museum.

  • São Miguel Island, Azores: Experience the stunning Sete Cidades, a twin-lake crater, and relax in the natural hot springs of Furnas.

  • Fátima: Visit the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fátima, one of the most important Catholic pilgrimage sites in the world.

  • Cascais: Enjoy the lively atmosphere of this coastal town, known for its marina, beaches, and charming Old Town.

  • Arouca: Explore the Arouca Geopark and its iconic suspension bridge, the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world.

  • Belmonte: Dive into Jewish history at the Belmonte Jewish Museum and visit the impressive Belmonte Castle.

  • Pico Island, Azores: Hike to the summit of Mount Pico, Portugal´s highest peak, and explore the unique vineyards known as "currais."

  • Serra da Estrela: Embrace the winter wonderland of Portugal´s highest mountain range, known for skiing and stunning landscapes.

  • Sines: Enjoy the scenic beaches, historic castle, and annual music festival in this coastal town.

  • Elvas: Discover the military fortifications, including the impressive Amoreira Aqueduct, that earned Elvas UNESCO World Heritage status.

  • Grândola: Visit the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Penha, an iconic site with panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

  • Ovar: Experience the vibrant Carnival of Ovar and explore the town´s unique azulejo-covered buildings.

  • Alcobaça: Marvel at the grandeur of the Alcobaça Monastery, a masterpiece of Cistercian Gothic architecture.

  • Lousã: Hike through the stunning Schist Villages and explore the Lousã Castle.

  • Fafe: Discover the unique Casa do Penedo, also known as the "House of Stone," a quirky building amidst natural boulders.

  • Ponte de Lima: Stroll through one of Portugal´s oldest towns, known for its medieval architecture and the iconic Ponte Romana.

  • Barcelos: Soak in the vibrant atmosphere of the weekly Barcelos Market, famous for its colorful ceramics and folklore.

  • Bragança: Explore the medieval Bragança Castle and discover the cultural richness of this northern city.

  • Mértola: Step back in time in the historic village of Mértola, known for its Moorish architecture and castle.

  • Tarouca: Visit the Monastery of São João de Tarouca, an ancient Cistercian monastery surrounded by vineyards.

  • Vila Nova de Milfontes: Relax on the pristine beaches and explore the charming coastal town in the Alentejo region.

  • Caminha: Enjoy the scenic views at the mouth of the Minho River and explore the medieval fortress.

  • Póvoa de Varzim: Embrace the lively seaside atmosphere, stroll along the promenade, and visit the iconic Casino da Póvoa.

  • Monsanto: Wander through the "Most Portuguese Village," known for its houses built into giant boulders.

  • Vila Real: Admire the beauty of Mateus Palace, an iconic Baroque estate surrounded by splendid gardens.

  • Almada: Take a ferry ride across the Tagus River to enjoy panoramic views of Lisbon and explore the Christ the King monument.

  • Vila do Conde: Experience the maritime charm, visit the historic Convent of Santa Clara, and relax on the beaches.

  • Santo Tirso: Explore the beautiful surroundings of the Nossa Senhora da Assunção Monastery.

  • Esposende: Enjoy the natural beauty of the Northern Littoral Natural Park and the scenic Cávado River estuary.

  • Santa Cruz, Madeira: Relax on the golden sands of Santa Cruz beach and explore the picturesque town.

  • Lamego: Climb the iconic staircase leading to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Remedies and enjoy panoramic views.

  • Aveiro Canals: Glide through the picturesque canals in a traditional moliceiro boat and discover the "Venice of Portugal."

  • Ponta Delgada, Azores: Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and architecture of the capital city of São Miguel.

  • Monchique: Hike through the scenic Monchique Mountains and relax in the natural thermal springs.

  • Vila Franca do Campo, Azores: Explore the historic town, visit the iconic Islet of Vila Franca do Campo, and enjoy local cuisine.

  • Oliveira do Hospital: Discover the beauty of the Serra da Estrela region and the captivating Piódão village.

  • Vila Real de Santo António: Relax on the pristine beaches of the Algarve and explore the historic town center.

  • Boticas: Enjoy the tranquility of this rural gem, known for its natural landscapes and historic bridges.

  • São João da Madeira: Experience the industrial heritage and craftsmanship in this town famous for its hat-making tradition.

  • Mira: Relax on the tranquil beaches of Mira and explore the charming town center.

  • São Martinho do Porto: Discover the unique shell-shaped bay and relax on the family-friendly beach.

  • Idanha-a-Nova: Explore the historical and cultural richness of this town, surrounded by ancient walls.

  • Oeiras: Enjoy the coastal atmosphere, visit the Palace of Marquês de Pombal, and stroll through the beautiful gardens.

  • Macedo de Cavaleiros: Discover the medieval Castle of Macedo de Cavaleiros and the stunning Azibo Reservoir.

  • Rio Maior: Visit the unique Salt Pans of Rio Maior, one of the oldest salt production sites in Europe.

  • Arganil: Explore the captivating landscapes of the Schist Villages and the pristine river beaches.

  • Reguengos de Monsaraz: Wander through the cobbled streets of this charming town and enjoy views of the Alqueva Dam.

  • Vila Velha de Ródão: Marvel at the impressive Portas de Ródão, towering cliffs along the Tagus River.

  • Ovar Carnaval: Experience the lively Carnival festivities, featuring colorful parades and cultural performances.

  • Manteigas: Hike through the stunning Vale Glaciar do Zêzere and explore the charming town.

  • Oliveira de Azeméis: Discover the cultural heritage of the region, including the Oliveira de Azeméis Museum.

  • Castro Marim: Explore the historic Castle of Castro Marim and enjoy panoramic views of the Guadiana River.

    1. Ponte da Barca: Admire the medieval bridge and historic architecture in this picturesque town.

    2. Viana do Alentejo: Visit the stunning Alentejo region and explore the Viana do Alentejo Castle.

    3. Fundão: Enjoy the natural beauty of the Serra da Gardunha and taste the famous cherries of Fundão.

    4. Cinfães: Hike through the breathtaking Paiva Walkways along the Paiva River.

    5. Serpa: Explore the well-preserved Serpa Castle and experience the traditional Serenade of Serpa.

    6. Vieira do Minho: Discover the scenic landscapes of the Peneda-Gerês National Park.

    7. Aljezur: Relax on the unspoiled beaches of the Algarve and explore the historic Aljezur Castle.

    8. Peso da Régua: Cruise along the Douro River and visit the Douro Museum to learn about the region´s wine history.

    9. Montijo: Experience the lively atmosphere of this town, known for its festivals and cultural events.

    10. São Vicente, Madeira: Explore the volcanic caves of São Vicente and enjoy the natural beauty of the Laurissilva Forest.

    11. Pombal: Visit the Pombal Castle and the historic Pombaline-style architecture in the town center.

    12. Ovar Azulejos: Admire the unique azulejos (ceramic tiles) decorating the town´s buildings.

    13. Bombarral: Explore the enchanting Buddha Eden Garden, a peaceful Asian-inspired garden.

    14. Cabeceiras de Basto: Hike through the beautiful Barroso Mountains and visit the Cabeceiras de Basto Monastery.

    15. Vila Nova de Gaia: Savor world-renowned Port wine in the wine cellars along the Douro River.

    16. Penedo, Sintra: Visit the quirky village of Penedo, known for its stone houses and charming atmosphere.

    17. Vila do Bispo: Explore the rugged cliffs and pristine beaches of the southwestern Algarve.

    18. Estremoz: Admire the medieval architecture, especially the Estremoz Castle and Marble Quarry.

    19. Angra do Heroísmo, Azores: Immerse yourself in the historic center, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

    20. Vila Flor: Discover the beauty of the Vila Flor Palace and explore the charming town.